Laxmi Dhaul


Laxmi DhaulLaxmi Dhaul’s defining characteristic
isher very diverse set of interests.
After her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry
at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai she
went on to receive a Master’s degree in
Biochemistry from the University. Later
on, her children were to become her
most avid absorptions. Her obsession
with making their world come alive by
way of puppet shows, stories, flash cards
and books led her to hone her creative
skills and would also seal her interest in
the development of children’s minds.

All 3 children studied at Mayo College, the prestigious boarding school in Ajmer. Her visits brought her closer to the venerated Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, who, on coming to India, established the Chisti Silsila (branch) of Sufism. “The magnetic pull of the Saint’s presence drew me to the Dargah again and again and I wanted to know more about his life and teachings, and the historical significance of the impressive buildings in the Dargah complex,” she says in the foreword to ‘The Sufi Saint of Ajmer’, the book published in March 2001. Her fascination for Sufism dominates her writing. In 2006, she published ‘The Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya’, an illustrated ‘book that offered an insight into the history and rituals of one of Delhi’s most venerated Sufi mausoleums. The book was published in conjunction with Delhi Tourism Corporation.

Berlin to Gandhi is her most recent obsession. A work in progress, the book is a factual account of her father Ganpat Tendulkar, once married to Thea Von Harbou, author & script writer of movies such as Metropolis & der Niebelungen.

The book explores their relationship the Second World War, her father’s return to India and involvement with the freedom struggle, and his marriage to Indumati Gunaji, her mother.

Meanwhile, Laxmi has made her foray into the world of animation with Chimi’s Dream: The Green Parade, a 13-minute long 3-D film about a boy named Chimi who, in his dream, encounters various animals in a forest all of whom deliver a little monologue about how man has destroyed their habitat.

Chimi’s Dream and Elephant Tales, another animated film currently in production, are the products of her latest venture - Prithvi Media - which has been conceived as a platform for the creation and promotion of original, entertaining and stimulating content through different media: books, talk shows, and animated films with a special focus on motivational and environmental themes.