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marineMarine Drive / May 22nd, 2008

Marine Drive in South Mumbai on the Arabian Sea. Ever since I can remember, evening walks there have served me as relaxation, exercise and recreation, and sometimes I find it hard to imagine that Mumbai, India’s Manhattan, was once a … Continue reading

Becoming Me / May 1st, 2008

They gave me a hard slap on my bottom, and I cried! I am told that I cried louder than any other baby that was born in the ward. My cries were not of pain or discomfort they were out … Continue reading

The value of a life / May 1st, 2008

“The dilemma occurs when the doctor gets a call in the middle of the night – there has been a road traffic accident and the family of the deceased vehicle driver is willing to donate the liver to a needy … Continue reading

Coming Home / May 1st, 2008

The wind had picked up momentum, the trees swayed violently in the overcast skies. It was the start of the monsoon, all the elements of nature allowed themselves to submit to an entity larger than themselves. In this case to … Continue reading

Short story created from a random newsclip / May 22nd, 2008

Bold Headline ” Man steals to finance Carnal Desire” First para in the newspaper ” Gochan Bahadur Tapa’s dream of making it big in Mumbai came crashing down when he was arrested for allegedly stealing Rs 19,000 ( about $500) … Continue reading

Shri Krishna and Shri Vishnu : a celestial yet contemporary dialogue / May 1st, 2008

The following is a mythological story based on a conversation between two Indian Gods, greatly venerated by the Hindu’s, who met each other in their celestial abode. They were both taking a sabbatical from their normal duties. Whilst they were … Continue reading

The captive deity / May 1st, 2008

“She is coming , she is coming….. she will kill me”. “I can see the goddess Kali , with her black hair streaming from her face” . “Look, look she is riding her tiger , her lips red with the … Continue reading

The enemy of an enemy is a friend / May 1st, 2008

“This is Subhash Chandra Bose, who is still alive speaking to you over the Azad Hind Radio…” the date was March 1942 ,the middle of World War 2. Bose was in Berlin where he launched his ‘Azad Hind’( free India … Continue reading