Laxmi Dhaul

Motivational Talks


My interest in education and self development are a result of my close interaction with the education of my 3 children whilst they attended J B Petit School Mumbai, G D Somani School Mumbai, Cathedral & John Cannon School Mumbai, Mayo college Boys School in Ajmer and Mayo College Girls school, Ajmer. I have often been the ‘parent in charge’ in various capacities in these schools for extra curricular programs and have designed and assisted in several projects and programmes. I have also given talks on various issues to the children. It is through this close interaction with children and teachers that the idea of motivational workshops evolved.

I have addressed Inner wheel in Belgaum on teaching infants through flash cards using the Glen Doman techniques. I have built and started a school in Belgundi village, Karnataka - G N Tendulkar High School, arathi medium upto 10th standard.

I have created a puppet show based on Chipko movement titled ‘Brave Amrita’, explaining environmental issues to small children at:
• Cathedral & John Cannon Junior school, Mumbai
• G D Somani school, Mumbai
• Centre of Rehabilitation for physically handicapped children, Mumbai



Self Development / Motivational workshops for students in educational institutions have been held in Mumbai, Nagpur and Jamshedpur. Currently I am working on “Magic Mantras for life” - aseries of books for students to take home at the end of a workshop. I have conducted similar workshops for teachers as they have the most to contribute to society! The series will also be targeted at executives, young Mothers, parents and so on.

The mantras in this book will help young adults to understand their current position and make them appreciate the vast potential that lies within them. There is lots of written material available that talk of positive thinking and how to live better lives.

This book is a personal guide for the young - without going into spiritual aspects. It helps them realize that the most important tool that they possess is their own thoughts and that is the only thing that actually they have total control on.

The message to the young is that “YOU can choose what you feel and how you feel it. Only YOU control your thoughts and it is your thoughts that are later translated into action which ultimately governs your life”.

I hope that this little book gives young people an opportunity to assess their own self potential and examine whether their self esteem is on an all time high or whether self doubts cloud their chances of achieving what they would like to.

There are 10 Magic Mantras for empowerment.

The 10 Magic Mantras

1. Believe in yourself - What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

2. Perception differs in each person, understand what is being said and what is being implied.

3. High self esteem - you are empowered when you no longer feel like a victim, then you feel free.

4. Love - you are worthy of all good things, you are important.

5. Set your Goals - Always believe that you can, and you will find that you can. People create their own luck by the choices that they make.

6. Creative visualization - empty the mind of all unhealthy thoughts and replace them with wholesome, creative concepts.

7. Affirmations - Believe that you are bigger than your difficulties.

8. Pace yourself to avoid burn out.

9. Coping - help people cope with problems and your own will be easier to cope with. In tough situations, never panic, always cool it. Do kind things for people - the best remedy for gloom.

10. Enrich your emotional life.